The Global Fund is a 21st-century partnership, working closely with a wide diversity of partners –implementing governments, donors, civil society, international development organizations, the private sector and communities living with and affected by the diseases. We actively support country-owned approaches that develop and implement effective, evidence-based programs to accelerate the end of AIDS, TB and malaria as epidemics.

Against a rapidly shifting landscape in global health and development, the Global Fund’s approach to defining its strategic direction is firmly based on this principle of partnership through which all partners take part in decision-making.

In order to be best prepared for future challenges and opportunities, the Global Fund has started the process of developing its new 2017-2021 Strategy. This new Strategy is expected to be adopted by the Board of the Global Fund in spring 2016. It will guide our partnership’s work in a crucial moment in the fight against the three diseases.

The e-Forum is an integral part of this extensive consultation process. Borderless, open to all, and in multiple languages, it is uniquely positioned to engage all sectors of society in an inclusive and participatory way to collectively shape the future work of the Global Fund.

This year’s e-Forum starts on 20 April and runs over a 10-week period. All stakeholders are invited to discuss the nine high-level strategic thematic areas of the Global Fund.

The e-Forum 2015 is your opportunity to help shape the strategy and ensure the Global Fund’s increasing impact for the three diseases and global health. Your contribution will help define our strategic framework to most effectively fight the three diseases.